Welcome to The BirdHouse


  • 6,000 Birds @ 0.06 ETH each
  • Custom smart contract on Ethereum blockchain
  • You own the commercial rights to your bird
  • Launching: Thursday 8/12 @ 1:00PM EST (5:00PM UTC)

The Launch

The Art

The final bird vector illustrations
  1. Quality. We start every bird, every trait, every accessory with a hand drawn sketch on paper. That sketch is then scanned and reviewed by our entire team. It’s got to make sense within the scope of the project, and it has to look consistent with everything else we are building. Each accessory is drawn specific to each Bird species so they match perfectly.
  2. Personality. We really want to create Birds that you are proud to own. Maybe even use as your avatar. Honestly, nothing would make us more proud than to see our art being used for your digital identity. As the founder of this project, I own a variety of NFTs from the top collections right now. I love collecting them and I love considering them an aspect of how people interact with me digitally. I got tired of seeing all the low effort pfp projects, so I decided to design and build an NFT collection that I would be proud to own.
  3. Variety (that makes sense). We are striving to create a large variety of trait combinations, without going totally batsh*t crazy with weird combos. Every single one of our Birds will be visually checked to make sure it makes sense. Some combos won’t exist simply because we don’t think they would make sense. We’re also creating 16 different base species. So instead of everyone being a crow, you can pick the species that mixes best with your personality. Then explore the collection to find the traits that you love!

Traits & Accessories

Sneak peek of some trait combos
  • Hat
  • Eyewear
  • Beak
  • Neck

The Future (Roadmap)

Pre Launch

Launch Day

Post Launch

  • Merch. We’ve already started working on a few merch ideas that will be available for owners only.
  • More drops! The BirdHouse doesn’t stop after launch day. We’ve got some big plans for the future of this project. Let’s just say it will pay to be a bird hodler (especially if you can build a full collection). We’ll release more on this later…

From the Founder

Thank you!



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The BirdHouse

The BirdHouse

The Birdhouse is a collection of 6000 birds, each with it's own unique traits & personality.