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The BirdHouse
5 min readAug 20, 2021


The BirdHouse started as a collection of 6,000 unique birds, all living on the Ethereum blockchain as NFTs. But that’s just the beginning. When you own a Bird, you’re coming along on this journey with us. This roadmap will serve as your guide on the journey!

This article is meant to serve as a more detailed/technical overview of our roadmap. We are currently sketching a more simplified and easier to share version.

Phase 1: Escape from the Aviary

Thanks to our community, we gave flight to 6,000 unique birds. Now they get to live free out on the blockchain. These birds are core parts of the future of the project.

Progress: Completed!

Technical Details:
Each bird is an ERC721 NFT on the Ethereum mainnet. Anyone could initially mint a bird from our contract, after that you have to buy them from their current owner on our OpenSea collection. All 6,000 birds were initially sold out in 15 minutes.

Merch Drop #1 (Mid September):
Our Phase 1 Merch Drop is a physical set of items that celebrate all 16 species in the collection. You must own a bird to be able to claim this merch drop. Limit 1 per shipping address. There will be no cost to claim this, it will even ship to your for free! The product has been designed and is currently in production.

Phase 2: Companions

Our birds have been exploring the big wide world and enjoying their freedom. Along the way, they joined up with companions. No more spoilers though :)

Progress: We are in the sketching phase for companions and their traits. We have completed most of the smart contract work already and are starting to test our code. Our goal is to have the companions ready for launch by the end of September.

Technical Details:
Each companion will be an ERC721 NFT on a separate contract. If you own a bird, you can claim a companion with the corresponding token ID on our new contract. There is no cost to claim your companion but you have to pay gas for the transaction to mint it.

Example: If you own Bird #2435, you will get Companion #2435 when you claim.

Burning mechanism!
We’re hoping that our Companion collection blows you away with the quality of the art and unique traits we are creating. If you really like the Companions, you can also choose to burn your original bird to mint an additional companion! This means for every bird you own, you could claim 2 companions. But remember, burning an NFT token means that it’s gone forever. You can never retrieve it and it will never be available for anyone else to own or claim.

This burning mechanism is deflationary on our original bird contract but inflationary on our companion contract. However, there will never be more than 12k birds+companions total. The market will determine how popular our companions are compared to the original birds.

There is no cost to burn your original token for a new companion but you will have to pay gas to burn it and mint the additional companion.

Important note on burning: Make sure you read our entire roadmap. Phase 3 has more utility for your bird. So if you burn it in Phase 2, you can’t use it again in Phase 3!

Merch Drop #2 (Mid October):
Our Phase 2 Merch Drop is a physical, custom designed item that is only claimable by owners of a bird and a companion. Limit 1 per shipping address, no cost to claim.

Phase 3: Build!

This is the final and most exciting phase for us. Everything in our project was designed to lead up to this phase. Every Bird and Companion will each be able to claim their own unique parts that they can build with.

The parts claimed by birds will be different than the parts claimed by companions but they will all work together. Once you claim your parts, you can then trade/buy/sell parts until you get all the pieces you need for your “build”. There will be some parts that are exclusive to certain species, and other parts that are only claimable by wallets that own all 16 species. Once you have the pieces, you can mint an entirely new NFT that is a combination of all the parts you collected!

Progress: We are mapping out how the parts will work together and being to plan the details in our smart contract. Our goal is to have the Build phase start by the end of October.

Note: We are being intentionally vague about some details so we don’t ruin the surprise. We’ll release more detailed information as we go through each phase.

Technical Details:
Each building part will be an ERC721 NFT. You can claim 1 part per bird or companion that you own. It will require at least 3 separate parts to complete your “building”. The birds will claim structural parts for the building, the companions will claim decorative parts for the building.

Once you own the correct parts, you can then complete your building! You will choose the parts, then use them to mint an entirely new NFT that will be a combination of all the different parts you used. We’ll be creating the building blocks, you use them to design your own NFT!

Important note on building: When you build your parts into the completed NFT, you will be burning the individual parts and will no longer have access to them.

Merch Drop #3:
No spoilers here :)

— —


That’s a lot to work on! But don’t worry, we’ve got a talented team who is already getting it done. We’ll post updates on our progress as each Phase is ready to deploy. Make sure to follow us on Twitter or join our Discord, those are the best places to get fast updates and provide feedback to the team.

If you’re a part of The BirdHouse community already, thank you. We’re glad to have you in the flock and we hope you are excited about what we’ve got planned!



The BirdHouse

The Birdhouse is a collection of 6000 birds, each with it's own unique traits & personality.