The BirdHouse Roadmap

Phase 1: Escape from the Aviary

Thanks to our community, we gave flight to 6,000 unique birds. Now they get to live free out on the blockchain. These birds are core parts of the future of the project.

Phase 2: Companions

Our birds have been exploring the big wide world and enjoying their freedom. Along the way, they joined up with companions. No more spoilers though :)

Phase 3: Build!

This is the final and most exciting phase for us. Everything in our project was designed to lead up to this phase. Every Bird and Companion will each be able to claim their own unique parts that they can build with.


That’s a lot to work on! But don’t worry, we’ve got a talented team who is already getting it done. We’ll post updates on our progress as each Phase is ready to deploy. Make sure to follow us on Twitter or join our Discord, those are the best places to get fast updates and provide feedback to the team.



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The BirdHouse

The BirdHouse

The Birdhouse is a collection of 6000 birds, each with it's own unique traits & personality.