How to mint an NFT from The BirdHouse contract

The BirdHouse
3 min readAug 11, 2021


No one likes getting Vogu’d, so this tutorial is a guide on how to successfully mint an NFT directly through The BirdHouse Etherscan contract! …you could actually follow this guide for any contract, but we are specifically writing it for ours.

Step 1: Metamask

Ensure that you are on a desktop computer and using the Metamask browser extension. This tutorial will be for chrome, however, the basic principles can also be applied to firefox or other Web3 compatible browsers/extensions.

Step 2: Navigate to Etherscan

Navigate to the Etherscan contract you would like to interact with. The URL is{contract_address}. The BirdHouse contract can be found here.

Step 4.5: Ensure sale is happening and hasn’t sold out

The sale starts on 8/12 at 1 PM EST, so make sure it is past that time so your transaction won’t fail.

Once the birds sell out you won’t be able to mint anymore :(, therefore you want to make sure they are in stock before you try minting some! To find how many birds have been minted and how many are left, check out the “total supply function” found in the Read Contract section.

Find the Read Contract section of the contract and click function #16. This will show you have many birds have been minted. If it’s less than 6,000 there are still birds to be minted!

Find the Read Contract section
Function for seeing total supply of contract

Step 3: Navigate to the Write Contract section of the contract.

Write Contractsection for a contract

Step 4: Connect Metamask wallet

Find the “Connect to Web3” button and follow the instructions to connect your desired Metamask wallet.

Connect button

Step 5: Find the function you want to execute

On, write functions are numbered by their order in the contract. To mint a bird on TheBirdHouse contract, find function #7.

Mint Birds function

Step 6: Fill function parameters

Open function #7.

Field 1: Enter the amount of ether you want to send the contract. This is the cost per bird * the number of birds you want. Each bird is 0.06 ether. Therefore if you wanted 1 bird you would send 0.06 ETH, 2 birds you would send 0.12, and so on. Below is a table of all of the necessary amounts so you don’t have to do the math ;)

ETH needed for different amounts of birds.
Parameter for amount ETH to send.

Field 2: Amount of birds. Enter how many birds you would like to mint.

Parameter for the amount of birds to mint.

Step 7: Execute function!!

Click the write button

This should open a Metamask window where you can edit your gas price, and gas limit. Depending on how popular The BirdHouse is you may or may not need to edit these. Once everything looks good, click the confirm button and mint ya birds!



The BirdHouse

The Birdhouse is a collection of 6000 birds, each with it's own unique traits & personality.