How to mint an NFT from The BirdHouse contract

Step 1: Metamask

Ensure that you are on a desktop computer and using the Metamask browser extension. This tutorial will be for chrome, however, the basic principles can also be applied to firefox or other Web3 compatible browsers/extensions.

Step 2: Navigate to Etherscan

Navigate to the Etherscan contract you would like to interact with. The URL is{contract_address}. The BirdHouse contract can be found here.

Step 4.5: Ensure sale is happening and hasn’t sold out

The sale starts on 8/12 at 1 PM EST, so make sure it is past that time so your transaction won’t fail.

Find the Read Contract section
Function for seeing total supply of contract

Step 3: Navigate to the Write Contract section of the contract.

Write Contractsection for a contract

Step 4: Connect Metamask wallet

Find the “Connect to Web3” button and follow the instructions to connect your desired Metamask wallet.

Connect button

Step 5: Find the function you want to execute

On, write functions are numbered by their order in the contract. To mint a bird on TheBirdHouse contract, find function #7.

Mint Birds function

Step 6: Fill function parameters

Open function #7.

ETH needed for different amounts of birds.
Parameter for amount ETH to send.
Parameter for the amount of birds to mint.

Step 7: Execute function!!

Click the write button



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The BirdHouse

The BirdHouse

The Birdhouse is a collection of 6000 birds, each with it's own unique traits & personality.