BirdSeed Farming is now live!

The BirdHouse
2 min readAug 30, 2021


Each one of your BirdHouse NFTs is now working hard to farm precious $BIRDSEED tokens.

The BirdSeed farm!

The BirdHouse community helped 6,000 unique birds escape to freedom!

…but now they have to make it out in the wild. A few entrepreneurial birds from the flock decided to start a farm. It took some work to figure out the right crop, worms were too icky and the sheep didn’t obey. So they settled on BirdSeed. Every bird works, no one gets left out. They’ve optimized their planting and harvesting processes to ensure that each bird is able to easily farm 100 BirdSeed each day. For now, they are storing it up and working on ways to get the most value out of their harvest in the future.

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Technical Details

Each Bird in your wallet is currently generating 100 BirdSeed every day.

BirdSeed is an ERC-20 token that lives in it’s own smart contract:

You can claim your accrued BirdSeed at any time through our website or directly through the smart contract on etherscan.

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How often should I claim?

There is no need to claim unless you are selling a Bird or you need to use your BirdSeed. Everything your birds have generated is kept secure in our smart contract, you can claim it at any time.

What if I sell my birds?

You must claim your BirdSeed before selling your bird. If you don’t, the new owner can claim all of that Bird’s accrued BirdSeed.

Is BirdSeed worth anything?

BirdSeed is a utility token that is solely designed for use within The BirdHouse project and it doesn’t have any cash value. The token was created to give holders a way to get exclusive access to future parts of the project.

How long will my birds accrue BirdSeed?

BirdSeed emissions will end on 8/30/2022.

What is BirdSeed used for?

We are working on a few different ways that you will use BirdSeed throughout the evolution of the BirdHouse project. The biggest way will be to claim exclusive pieces during our Build phase. Our artists will create some totally unique core and accessory pieces that can only be purchased with BirdSeed. We are also looking at some additional physical merch items that can only be claimed with BirdSeed. We’re also open to ideas from the community on ways we can incorporate the BirdSeed token into this project.

Will the devs get any extra BirdSeed?

Nope. We are going to generate a cache of seed that will be used solely for prizes and giveaways. But the devs or anyone else involved in the project isn’t getting any extra or unfair advantage.

Still have questions?

Fly into our Discord and ask there, our helpful mods should answer pretty quick.



The BirdHouse

The Birdhouse is a collection of 6000 birds, each with it's own unique traits & personality.